Re: strange one just now.


Please read the What's new information when you upgrade.  It's in the help submenu and you can find it by up or down arrowing through the help submenu when you open it from the main menu.  This is a new feature of NVDA.
Also, when a new version is released, Joseph sends the list information about the new release, as he has in this case.  As far as I know, his information duplicates the What's New information in that he provides a link to read about What's New on line. 

Sent: Thursday, June 02, 2016 6:13 AM
Subject: [nvda] strange one just now.

Hi ken here with a question.  just now was posting to a friend’s timeline on facebook and from time to time it made a buzzer sound when it detected a spelling error or thought it did.  It hasn’t happened as yet in this message but I just now updated NVDA was it the screen reader, or was it facebook? 

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