Re: O.T.: A friend needs info on screen readers history for her thesis

Chris Mullins

In the early 80's I used a German made, non-software based screen reader called Frank Audio Data to access Dos on IBM PC XT machines. The original was a replacement PC keyboard with the addition of horizontal and vertical slider controls topped with read buttons. Due to the screen in those days being 25 x 80 character cells, the sliders gave you tactile feedback and this, combined with audio output from the hardware provided excellent screen orientation. A later model retained the sliders in two separate units which worked alongside the standard PC keyboard. I found it extremely difficult to transition from DOS to Windows after working in an environment where I knew exactly how the screen looked to being unable to form a mental image of the screen layout.


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going back farther still, the Apple 2E in the late 70s and early 80s had
the text Tucker screen reader with the echo Cricket speech synthesizer. You
can actually download be accessible mess Apple 2 emulator and see it
working in action today if you want to.

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No, they go back further than dos. The comodore 64 ran cp/m, and it had
a screen reader too, so screen reading packages didn't start with dos.

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Well, they go back as far as DOS, there's a lot of brands.
Try the NFB, they should have a historical perspective.

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Hello all,

Please, forgive this O.T. This is the only list I'm on, so I thought of
asking here.

A friend of mine, her ein Italy, has been assigned a thesis on the history
and evolution of screen readers for Windows.

She doesn't seem to find any suitable material.

Would anyone have any suggestions as to where to look for some
documentation that might help her?

I know the request is a bit vague, but that's all I ahve for now.

Thanks in advance.


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