Re: Help Announcements in Office 2016 While Navigating The Ribbon

Jonathan COHN


Does this map to the aria-descrbiedby field in web pages?



´╗┐On 10/1/18, 10:22 AM, " on behalf of Jim Fettgather" < on behalf of jimfettgather@...> wrote:

This is by no means a bug, in fact, I am amazed that NVDA does the following:

When you start Word 2016, press Alt to bring focus to the ribbon, and
begin to tab down through the various icons on the ribbon, NVDA
announces helpful information that appears to be ignored by any other
screen reader.
In fact, I am not even certain whether or not the information is
visible on the screen. For example, when you Tab to Cut, NVDA says,
Remove the selection and put it on the clipboard so you can paste it
somewhere else.
So, how does NVDA do this, and where is this information originating,
since others have told me they cannot see it on the screen. It is
incredibly helpful and fantastic, I am just curious how it works.
Thanks a lot.

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