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Looks like you need an archive of older versions then for these eventualities. Actually as I've said before, I am not happy about this fast churn of windows support, and as you suggest in your reply educational and corporate uses are not treated in this cavalier fashion, reinforcing my feeling that the great unwashed home user is being used as a live testbed every six months.
I'd go over to 10 permanently if I could be sure half my legacy software would not need either reinstalling or bodging around with every six months. All this does is make people stay on windows 7 in my view.
Not our fault, its Microsoft.


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Ah, this was partly my decision…

Windows 10 App Essentials supports a given feature update (1703, for example) for a limited time. This is in accordance with Windows as a Service where new operating system release is scheduled for twice a year. Typically, I support a given feature update for at least 12 months but no more than 18. Support also means supporting NVDA releases released at that time.

The latest version of the add-on that’ll run happily on Windows 10 Version 1703 (Creators Update/build 15063) is 18.06.2, as 18.07 requires Version 1709 (Fall Creators Update/build 16299) and later. At the moment support for Version 1709 is scheduled to end this December with 18.12.x.

To Brian V: I bet Noah’s school uses Windows 10 Education, which will receive support until October 2019. I’ll make that clear on Win10 Forum once Version 1809 era kicks in.



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Yes, I am aware of this. Unfortunately, this is a school machine, therefore I can not invoke the update process myself. Therefore I was wondering what add-on version I should install until such time as the local IT person performs updates on our machines.

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Based on the title of your topic it's most likely NVDA telling you that your Version of Windows 10 (1703) is out of date. That version loses all support from Microsoft in 8 days. You should have moved along to Version 1709, followed by Version 1803, long ago. You need to update Windows 10 very, very soon. Ideally, you should take a full system image and separate user data backup of your current system before doing so.

You can update your Windows 10 by going to the Microsoft Windows 10 Download Page <> and invoking the Update Assistant with the "Update this PC" button. If you need a newer version of Win10 App Essentials after doing that, this is available on the NVDA Add-Ons Download Page <> . I would also suggest you visit the NVDA Add-Ons Under Development Page <> and snag a copy of the Add-On Updater add-nn, which monitors the add-ons you have installed to see if a newer version becomes available and will allow you to update immediately if you so choose.

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