Re: turning off the "sent with mail" signature


Hello Rosemarie, you can turn off e-mail signatures following the steps bellow:
1. Open Mail for Windows 10 app, navigate with Tab until you get focused on a button called settings, then press it.
2. After that, press Tab and, after you reach the button called signature, press it.
3. Then, search a checkbox called use an e-mail signature. Uncheck it and press eskape to close the pop-up window.

Hope this helps.


La 01.10.2018 19:15, Rosemarie Chavarria a scris:

Hi, everyone,


I’m using the mail app now and I do really like it. How do I turn off the “sent with mail” part of the signature? I don’t want to always hear that after signing a message.


Thanks in advance.






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