NVDA & NVDA Add-On Archive Pages - Has there been consideration to creating these?


I have always found it a bit odd that NVAccess does not have, at least that I know of, an "Older Versions" page much like JAWS and many other software houses do.

It has become abundantly clear that there will be times when NVDA, or an NVDA Add-On, ends up being updated but that causes a lot of other stuff to break for an individual user for a wide variety of reasons.   It would be really nice if it were possible for the end user to have quick and ready access to, say, the immediately previous two or three releases of NVDA and the same for the Add-Ons.

Right now the roll-back process, unless one has created one's own personal archive of installers, is a cyclic one-off effort where someone "on the inside" has to dig out a link that can be used to get an older release.  Since these do not change after they are released (at least not typically) and certainly don't change once the next release is out in their prior release form, having archival access with ease just makes sense.


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