Re: Windows 10 App Essentials on Windows 10Ver1703 (64-bit) build 15063.296


On Mon, Oct 1, 2018 at 10:27 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:
To Brian V: I bet Noah’s school uses Windows 10 Education, which will receive support until October 2019. I’ll make that clear on Win10 Forum once Version 1809 era kicks in.
Yes, I'm aware that both Education and Enterprise (and even S, I think) have end-of-life dates that are longer than those for the same versions of Home and Pro.

That being said, and also realizing that institutions of all sorts are notoriously loath to update, they need to be coming into the Windows as a service era as well.  It would be one thing to be on 1709 at this juncture, but 1703 is jaw-dropping.

Whether anyone likes it or not the WAAS model is here to stay, and trying to maintain glacially slow update protocols is ridiculous.  I worked for many years with several different state agencies and the resistance to updating was both stupid and appalling.  Organizations were still running on Windows XP years, plural, into the Windows 7 era.  I'm sure the same is true for Windows 7 in the Windows 10 era.  But if you, as an institution, decide to go with Windows 10 you had better realize that you simply cannot hang on for nearly as long as you used to get away with.   The goal should carefully controlled and post-bleeding-edge updates preferably no more than one version cycle behind the most current (and preferably with a small, in-house test bed that goes to the next version almost at the same time as "the rest of the world" so that any issues specific to the venue can be worked out on a small scale first).

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