bugs with addon PlaceMarker

Mr. Wong Chi Wai, William <cwwong.pro@...>

Hi, me again.

I came across some bugs with PlaceMarker would like to report it here.

Situation 1:
I visited https://www.hkbu.org.hk/b5_services4.php and I selected "輔助工具介紹及下載區" (this is traditional Chinese) and then press ctrl shift nvda k to create a marker.
then, if I press alt nvda k to bring up the note window, nvda crash and force restart.
After restart, I try to open the note window again, and it crash again and restart again.
Then if I press nvda k to move to the marker position and press nvda shift ctrl delete to remove the marker, then, pressing alt nvda k can bring up the note window again.

situation 2:
I visited another website in Simplified Chinese and selected text "1042楼2018-10-01 23:46" to create a marker.
This time, pressing alt nvda k can bring up the note window, but the display of the note became something like "30937 - 1042?2018-10-01 23:46" where the Simplified Chinese was replaced with ?

I thought the above bugs were  something relating to Unicode? or something relating to multi language handling?
May you please help to look it out.

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