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If this was the case Joseph, the number of things I have open in 7 and lots of buffering files should slow it down, but its not. Obviously there are occasional glitches where a core maxes out if you go too mad, but in 7, I've yet to see the slow down. About the only time I've noticed anything like it is when typing in a file name for a file over the top of an old one, but that is it really.
Windows 7 was always more secure and faster than the ten I used on similar hardware, which is another reason I've still not got a permanent 10 system here.
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Short answer: hopefully this should be mitigated somewhat very soon.

Long explanation: this sort of slow down is caused by an app that raises so many events to a point where UI Automation subsystem doesn’t have time to catch up, slowing down NVDA in the process. This is partly NVDA’s fault, and this has been addressed to some degree in NVDA 2018.4 for Windows 7, 8.x, and Windows 10 releases prior to Version 1809; Microsoft addressed this in Version 1809 and NVDA 2018.3 includes mitigations for Windows 10 Version 1809.



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i am using winrar. I have noticed something similar when I am saving a file in Goldwave. things seem to slow down in file explorer.I cannot do anything until the task is finished.this includes copying a file from one folder to another.

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I guess you could use a 3rd party extracting program like 7zip or WinRAR

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when i extract a zipped file I can do nothing else in file explorer until the zipped file is fully unpacked. Is this normal? this only happens in a file explorer window.

Something to think about, Since God has forgiven it, who are you to keep picking it back up!

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