Re: NVDA and Scripting?

Sky Mundell

Hello Donny. Yes NVDA will work with Firefox and chrome. NVDA is a fantastic screen reader.

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Hi, Joseph.
I have tried IE and Edge. Does NVDA work with FireFox and/or Chrome?


On 10/2/18, Joseph Lee <> wrote:
Which browser are you using? Sometimes, using a different web browser can
change things here and there. If using a different web browser doesn't help,
chances are that this has to do with oddly designed web controls, something
you should alert the bank about.
Regarding scripting: yes, it is possible to script NVDA via Python
programming language. There has been discussion regarding how to do this for
websites, but no progress on that front yet.

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Hi, Everyone.
I'm Dani from HI, and I'm new to NVDA. I'm running the latest build of the
screen reader, and have tried it with my bank's website (American Savings).
I can get as far as the page that lets you download statements, then it's a
no-go. There's a graphic to let the user pick the range of dates for the
statements he wants to download, and NVDA doesn't see the picker. (BTW,
neither does JFW, which is my other go-to screen reader.)

Does NVDA support the building of and use of scripts? My husband thinks it
might be a java thing that's happening behind the scenes.


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