How can I hel to improve synthesizers

Walmir Schultz <wsautodidata@...>


I recently upgraded to Windows 10 mainly to use the OneCore Voices.

But I am disappointed.

The OneCore USA voices are very good, but I am from Brazil and the Portuguese brazillian voices are very bad.

The spelling, for example, is done with the english pronunciation of the letters. Very weird and difficult to understand.

The intonation is far behind of Espeak and there so many words that are pronounced the wrong way. Irritating.

So, I am forced to use eSpeak most of the time, even being tired of all those unpleasant robotic voices and, every time I need to use the English language, change to one of the American OneCore voices, that sound better, have good intonation, almost no mispronunciation, even lacking some characteristics I like in eSpeak, as the different intonation of capital letters.

So, as I know eSpeak will probably continue to sound robotic, the solution is to improve OneCore voices. Then, how can I do that? How to suggest improvements and correct errors in brazillian vocabulary?

To be honest, I really do prefer eSpeak. It is far ahead of OneCore, at least in brazillian Portuguese. If only it sounded like OneCore...

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