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Hello all,

I remember finding a site a couple of years ago, which had a text description for picture captchas.

A sighted person would see the pictures, but there was also a list of text descriptions with checkboxes to check.

For esample, if you were asked to select all the pictures concerning cars, you would have something like this:



sports car

and so on, with checkboxes

There were a couple of unrelated items you had to leave unchecked.

The site is no longer there, though, and I never found anything like it ever again.

that would definitely be a solution.



Il 03/10/2018 17:39, Brian Vogel ha scritto:
On Wed, Oct 3, 2018 at 11:08 AM, Gene wrote:

What is the point of boycotting something if doing so will have no


I fail to understand how "the blind community" cannot understand that captchas are something that has been put in place to solve a problem that, in various guises, poses a different problem for them.   The problem they are put in place to solve, bot blocking, is a major, major issue and there is no way in hell that they will ever be removed because they are so effective at preventing what they aim to prevent.

That being said, there are a number of Captchas that are not as insanely blocking for individuals who are blind as the "picture grid" captchas are.  Writing to sites that use these, telling them that they block accessibility, and telling them what to do - which would be to offer a different sort of solvable captcha or include an invisible link that would substitute for it and only be read by a screen reader that would allow some other verification method - is what is (or could be) effective.

Accessibility is not the one and only concern that the world at large is dealing with and, sadly, many don't even realize how certain things block accessibility when they're being put into place for other completely valid reasons.  Educating these folks is your only hope of raising their awareness and effecting the kind of change you not only want, but need, with regard to verification practices.


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