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This appears to be one more example of why the default setting that NVDA should save changes on exit is a really bad default setting and should be changed.  It would be a good idea for users to change the setting and it shouldn't be the default NVDA setting.
One of the reasons Window-eyes users felt freer to experiment than did JAWS users, at least thos who knew about this difference, is that Window-eyes didn't save settings permanently unless you manually saved them.  That should be the same with NVDA.  It's too easy to accidentally or inadvertently save settings you don't intend to save if save on exit is the default.  there is such a thing as too much automation. 
I'm quite sure, though I don't recall if I tested this, that speech settings you change in this way wouldn't be saved if you had save on exit disabled.  Then you could close the program and revert to the settings you were using before. 
Also, with default settings set as they are now, as long as you don't close the program, you can revert to the permanently saved settings by using the command control NVDA key r.  So in the current case, if the program has not been closed, using this command will revert to the speech settings before you changed them. 
If you make changes you do want to save permanently, you can save them with control NVDA key c.  I would urge anyone who wants to use or try different settings without risking saving settings you don't want to save because theese are experimental or temporary use settings, to turn save settings on exit off and to only save settings when desired manually.

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Hold down the NVDA key + Control  then use right and left arrows to select the speech option you wish to change, and then the up and down arrows to change the speed, tone or voice act. Remember to keep those two keys held down as you make your changes. These do not revert to earlier settings when NVDA is restarted. Nice feature for making changes on the fly.

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Press control+NVDA+v, then alt+r. That brings you to the rate slider, where you can use left/right to adjust it.

On 10/3/2018 10:05 AM, Howard Traxler wrote:
> On my notebook (IBM thinkpad t40) I can use the
> NVDA+shift+control nd up or ddown to change speech rate.  On my new
> HP6300 desktop, that key command makes it go faster but not slower.  I
> made the mistake of thinking after it got fast it would go in a circle
> and start slow again.  Not happen.  Got it too fast to understand.
> Now I can't get it slower again.  Tried using jaws but it makes me
> start the computer and, of course, jaws is off and nvda is running very fast.
> Well then, there is narrator, but I can't remember how to start narrator.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks.
> Howard

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