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I’ve never yet heard of anyone being unable to donate because the amount is given in a foreign currency, but maybe it’s happened to others without them mentioning it on this list.

If you don’t mind me asking, what is wrong with donating to NV-Access in Australian dollars?

I live in France, where the local currency is euros, and all my donations to NV-Access have been in Australian dollars, even though my PayPal account is in euros: every time I’ve made a donation, the receipt from PayPal has told me both the exchange rate and how much I have paid out in euros after conversion. If your friend wants to pay a donation with a credit card instead of with PayPal, the bank should be able to do the conversion. If she is not allowed to use any currency other than US dollars, that’s a matter to take up with her bank.

Given that I have never had problems donating to NV-Access in Australian dollars, I don’t know whether there is any means of donating with a different currency by credit card, but maybe others can help if there is.

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Subject: [nvda] Are There Now or Has There Recently Been a Problem with Donating . . .


. . . when installing/updating NVDA?

I ask because a friend of mine who's a long term NVDA user, and has donated many times along the way, mentioned to me this evening that when she did the latest update she could not get through making a donation.  We're in the USA, and she describes the situation as being that no matter how many times she tried to get the donation currency set to USD and enter her credit card information things kept reverting back to Australian dollars and starting the whole "fill in the form" process again.

She's been a screen reader user since there were screen readers, and knows NVDA inside and out.  I thought I'd mention this here as it would be a shame if this were not an isolated incident and others who wish to donate were being stymied in doing so.


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