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As Gene has mentioned, Windows Defender, now Windows Security as of Version 1809, as implemented under Windows 8 and 10 is "not your grandfather's Windows Defender."   It is routinely placing in the top 10/preferred tool lists for virtually all of the antivirus testing labs these days. 

Here's a cut and paste of something I very recently posted to Bleeping Computer that's directly pertinent here:

It is hilarious that the PC Mag article spouts the nonsense, "you shouldn't rely on Microsoft's security tools. Many free third-party security apps are more effective at keeping you safe."


They apparently don't bother looking at the very test results they claim to follow.  The most recent test results are at the links below.  Pay attention to where Windows Defender falls into the mix.  It's nowhere near the bottom and it's often near the top.   The current iteration of Windows Defender consistently tests well, and often in the top 10. 



[Chart on Pg. 5] 

[Chart on Pg 8]



And take a look at the archival material from the past few years if you want to see how often Windows Defender lands near the top.


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