NVDA and the audible app

Chris Shook <chris0309@...>

This is mainlya request for the developers, but I'm posting it here hoping someone tells me I am mistaken.
I use the Aubible website for Audio book purchases and downloads. I conteacted Audible with a request of helping me fix an issue with the Audible download manager.
WHile they helped me fix the issue, the woman warned me that they would eventually phase out the Audible download manager because of the Audible app for Windows 10.
As of right now, unless I am very much mistaken, NVDA nor JAWS will work with the Audible app for Windows 10.
I would ask that someone look into this as it may become necessary for those of us that use the website to use the app to download books in the future.
The lady I talked to said she could not give me a time frame on when they would do away with the Audible download manager, but that they had already stopped updating it.

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