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Brian Moore

delete remote.ini from %appdata%\nvda and you should be good to go.


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On 2018-10-07 11:24 a.m., DAVID wrote:
ok wel I am using NVDA 17 with the 2.0 remote version. and still nothing.
it was working and now it not letting me get into options to configure it.
I did tryed NVDA 18 with the new remote addon and the same problem the
options not working. so now I cant get on to my next server.

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No I think in this case xx just means 20, ie its shorthand.

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What are NVDA versions 17xx and 1803?

I thought all NVDA versions were named YYYY.Q where YYYY is the year and Q

the quarter, sometimes with a bug-fix release suffix such as 2018.3.2.

Are these internal developer version numbers perhaps?


On Sunday 07 October 2018 at 15:17:14, Chris Mullins wrote:

If you have NVDA version 17xx, the latest Remote addon (version 2.2)
not work as it is not backwards compatible. You will need version 2.1
earlier, version 2.2 will only work on NVDA version 1803 and above.

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hi all.
am using the nvda 2017 and the addon remote but the remote not working.
when I try to conict to the next computer nothing happens
plus when I go to the remote on nvda it not opening the options at all.
can someone help with this please.
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