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Peter Beasley

That doesn’t work.


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I would expect you should be able to still click on the link. It is possible you might need to click on the link twice. Once to download the image actually associated with the graphic and then a second time to activate the link.


Generally mail distribution sites use a distinct download URL for each recipient then when the grapic is downloaded from that URL the service can believe that the message has been read. Though if you look at the source, you should see something like


<a href=><img src=”square.picture” alt=”square”></img><a>


This code is putting a graphic inside a link and calling the graphic “square”. If you copy the portion after the href= and before the first > that is the code to get to the actual survey.


Often times I find these Graphical images don’t even have an “alt” attribute and so screen readers try to interpret the image file name as a name for the link, and one gets complete gibberish from the screen reader.





Jonathan Cohn


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Subject: [nvda] 38 degrees


I get e-mails from 38 degrees which is a petition site. Until recently, I had no problem entering on links to sign their petitions. Instead of an ordinary link, what I get now is graphic wrecked angle contains link. I only use NVDA, so has anyone got any ideas on how I can click on these links.


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