Re: Are either lastpass or 1Password accessible with nvda on win7 and win10?


Actually, I've been using Keepass for years & didn't even know there
was a screen reader setting till Alexander was kind & astute enough to
point that out. I don't know if it actually makes much difference, as
I just set it. I'll just have to work w/it & see if I think it really
does optimize screen reader experience, as I was certainly very
satisfied w/o the setting. I do think that absolutely everyone should
use a password manager unless they just don't go online at all, & then
they likely wouldn't be on this list :).

On 10/7/18, Alexander Epaneshnikov <@erikpro> wrote:
i recommend KeePass. ( ) i use it. it's totally
accessible. u mast enable screen reader support in advanced settings.
and you can import your database from another manager.

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