Re: Meet NVDA 2016.2, bringing spelling error beep, grammar error detection and more to your work, home and everything in between #NVAccess #release

Ben J. Bloomgren

Hello all,

I just downloaded 2016.2, and I'm noticing a couple of problems with Braille tables.

I saw that they have implemented Koine (k o i n e) Greek, so I used a virtual keyboard to type the Greek characters. In the table called "Greek", accented letters aren't marked at all, which causes many issues even in modern Greek, which is simpler.

In Koine Greek, which often uses letters with one or two accent marks, the only accent mark shown is the Psili, or the smooth breathing. All the other accent marks, be they single or double, just give those bracket symbols inside of which is the hex value of the Unicode character. Should I post this to the Add-ons list as well?


On 6/1/2016 22:28, Joseph Lee wrote:
> > Hi everyone, > > > > Yes, it is finally here: NVDA 2016.2, introducing spelling error > beep, grammar error detection and more are now available. More info > can be found on the nV Access post here: > >

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