Re: Using Macrium Reflect Version 7 to Take A Full System Image Backup

Tony Ballou


Thanks mate. I've had a copy of this program for a while now but have yet to use it.  Looks like from what I've been reading and hearing from numerous reputable sources, here on this list, in the wires, and in my personal network that this will definitely come in handy prior to and after upgrading from windows 1803 to 1809.

On 10/5/2018 11:13 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:

There has been much discussion on several groups about an entirely accessible backup utility with regard to actually taking a full system image backup.  I have yet to find a backup and recovery utility that is 100% accessible in all respects, but Macrium Reflect, Version 7, is 100% accessible for creating a full system image backup for "the typical user" who keeps the typical disc arrangement under Windows where all OS files and user data files are on the C: drive.

Given what's been happening over the last several days with the Windows 10 Version 1809 feature update it is really critical to take a full system image backup before it is applied.

Here's the link to download the step-by-step instructions, along with notes about setting things up, in MS-Word format:

Using Macrium Reflect With a Screen Reader To Take a Full System Image Backup

You should be presented with a Save dialog shortly after activating the link. 

I went through this process from beginning to end using NVDA to control everything.  I cannot imagine that things should be different in JAWS and possibly even Narrator.  If there are any significant differences that you encounter please share them on this topic.

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