Re: Files not showing

Tony Ballou


Howard, if this is windows version 1809, unfortunately the files may be gone.  Have you attempted to unzip the file since it tells you that there are 286 items in there overall?

Folks have been talking about this phenomenon on the list lately and I believe there's an article about it up here somewhere, however, I haven't found the message with the link to it in my mass of emails. So if anyone could repost that article, it would be appreciated. 

Just the other night my business partner told me that folks were losing their data after upgrading from 1803 to 1809.  And in one such case a user lost over 250 Gigs of data. So it would appear that the first thing you'd want to do before upgrading to windows 1809 would be to backup your c:\users\documents folder, and any other folders where you have documents and things that you feel are important to an external drive. 



On 9/30/2018 3:05 PM, Howard Traxler wrote:

Hi, I'm just starting to use my new Win10 machine.  I copied many files and folders from my documents folder of an older machine into the documents folder under "this pc" on the new one.  Now when I go to this pc and open the documents folder, all I see is folders; no files.  I know they're in there because I was accessing them before windows did an update.  Now they don't show up.  Neither in "this pc" nor in "file explorer".--my mistake: two filenames do show, an ini file and a zip file.  When I look at properties for the folder, I see that there are 286 items in there.
What should I do to get them back?
Sorry; I failed to mention that I'm using the current version of NVDA.  But the demo of jaws doesn't see the files either.

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