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Are they coming from one of our pages to donate?  On our donation page for instance: it lists a range of suggested values, all in Australian dollars, with the last one in each row being an edit box you can change the value of.  When you activate one of the buttons, it then takes you to PayPal ready to make a payment of that amount.  I think once you give it your credit card details, it might work out where you are from and what amount it will withdraw in your local currency?

If you go to PayPal's site and "Pay someone", then you can select the currency and choose either to send a set amount in your local currency - and it indicates how much we will receive in Australian dollars, or you can choose to donate an amount in Australian dollars and it advises how much that will be in your local currency.

We did have a currency conversion widget on the old site, but it hadn't worked for some time, so we dropped it from the new site.

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But it is only donations all other transactions work like they are supposed
to work.


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Often if your card has expired, yet your new card is on their account at
Paypal you have to go in and make the new one default as some banks systems
are so bloomin thick they never ask to try the other card. What  I did was
delete the old one making the current one default, by default, if you get my
Other things can upset it. Sometimes you can tie it to an account without a
card but have a transaction limit of some sort set. This can cause problems
as well. Very handy for stopping fraud of course, but if your account is not
using an overdraft and the credit limit is small, it tends to just not  know
what to do.
I guess it is dangerous to use a debit cared, as credit cards afford some
protection, but I've not been  hacked yet, and the banks do tend to put the
money back in a goodwill gesture so far if people I talk to are anything to
go by.
But, this is all academic. It has to be something wrong with the set up
that gives such errors, and only trying to find which bit is the solution,
from what I've read here, its usually the bank. Some banks will not agree
till you reply to an email they send you and click a link in the account.
That is a bit paranoid unless you are talking about thousands of pounds or
dollars, in my view and I have found my bank normally calls me if their
algorithm spots something out of the ordinary.

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I have had several problems trying to donate and getting an error message
saying that the card was rejected but the problem is that I was not using a
card but rather using my bank.  I talked to PayPal and they could not even
see a transaction being initiated so I could not get past the initial


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Subject: [nvda] Are There Now or Has There Recently Been a Problem with
Donating . . .

. . . when installing/updating NVDA?

I ask because a friend of mine who's a long term NVDA user, and has donated
many times along the way, mentioned to me this evening that when she did the
latest update she could not get through making a donation.  We're in the
USA, and she describes the situation as being that no matter how many times
she tried to get the donation currency set to USD and enter her credit card
information things kept reverting back to Australian dollars and starting
the whole "fill in the form" process again.

She's been a screen reader user since there were screen readers, and knows
NVDA inside and out.  I thought I'd mention this here as it would be a shame
if this were not an isolated incident and others who wish to donate were
being stymied in doing so.


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