Re: Windows10 Screen Reader in Word #NVAccess

Sylvie Duchateau

Hello Sven,
If you use the Microsoft OneCore voices in windows 10, there is also a multilingual support.
You just need to install the voices you need. This is in the speech parmeters of Windows.
Once you have installed the voices, changing languages work, I just tested it in a Word document written in French, German and English.
1. You have to make sure that language automatic detection is checked in Nvda parameters, speech, automatic language change.
2. In Word, when yo write in different languages, you have to check in the statuts bar, that your text selection is in the right language. Press f6 several times to reach the status bar, then use the arrow keys to read in which language the selection is.
3. When you read the document, the languages should work fine.
I just tested the same document with Espeak and language changes work here.
Do not hesitate if I can help.

Le 07/10/2018 à 20:11, sven.zoephel@... a écrit :
I‘ve got a strange problem in Word under Win10. The system is setup to use the NVDA eSpeak NG as screen reader now, because it is the only screen reader with multi-language support for Word, so it can read texts in English and German without problems. I‘ve used Microsoft Speech API v5 before, because the voice is very natural. 
All Windows commands (etc.) are using eSpeak NG, but Word is still using the Microsoft Speech API v5! Only if I open the NVDA speech settings, eSpeak NG is also used as screen reader for Word. As soon as I close the settings dialog, Word switches back to the MS API! I can even confirm that when looking into the NVDA log. It also shows the switching. Is there a way to prevent this? Or is there another way to get multi-language-support?

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