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It sounds to me like there is a user profile for just word set up. Look at the profiles dialogue and see what you have set up. My guess is either that word has it set to sappi 5 or there is a say all rule set for that synth. I can think of no other reason for the symptoms you have.

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Hi Bryan,
Yes, I was using the sappi 5 voice until a short time ago. Now I found out that espeak automatically reads texts in German and English, which is nice - especially for homeworks with an English text and German questions...
I've tried to change the speech setting in NVDA, but as I explained: In Word it's always switched back to sappi 5 if I close the NVDA speech settings. Are there any program specific settings somewhere? Or even better: Is there a keyboard shortcut to switch between different languages in sappi 5?
Cheers, Sven

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