Re: Windows 10 version 1809 being shelved do to major issues

Tony Ballou

Hey Buddy,

I heard of the infinite boot up loops, and the blue screen of death issues in 1803 as well.  Fortunately That didn't happen to me; however, it's rather disturbing that they just want to keep on throwing these problematic updates out unto the unsuspecting public time, after time, after time. Scratching my head.


On 10/8/2018 11:08 AM, Gene wrote:
What is wrong with the insider program that this problem wasn't known before the rollout?  Are there too few people in the program?  Should there be more attention to trying to get more users who use Windows in different ways and on more varied equipment?  Microsoft is developing a reputation for bad rollouts, hardly helpful for the company achieving its goals of having people accept "Windows as a service." 
In an article I read yesterday from a reliable source, it was stated that both this major upgrade and the one before it had serious problems.  I don't recall the details now, but I recall reading about how the previous upgrade put some users machines into infinite bootup loops.  I don't recall what other problems may have been in that upgrade.  Again, what is wrong with the insider program that this wasn't caught? 
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Yes Jonathan Mosen was mentioning about it this very morning. Though he says
none of his machines have had the issue. There was also so question marks
about third party anti virusses maybe blocking the back up of files when
Windows tries to move them as well.

So who is going to sue for lost data?
 The more I hear the more I'm glad I'm on windows 7, even if it won't read
dropbox dialogue boxes any more.

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> Howdy,
> From our win10 sister list and other reputable sources in the wires and
> colleagues from my personal network there have been loads of reports
> about people losing their data when they upgrade from windows 10 version
> 1803 to version 1809. Microsoft has put the version 1809 update back on
> the shelf until they figure out what is happening. This seems to be
> happening to folks who are signed into one drive while they run the
> upgrade. Systems that are not signed into one drive appear not to have
> the issue. You can read more of this here.
> Tony

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