Re: Speeding up one-core voices.

John Isige

I used Brian's way, though I'll have to try ease of access too. I wouldn't put it up to the maximum because for me, that gets choppy and hard to understand. I have the Windows speech slider set to 75% and NVDA set to 80, and that does well enough for me. Thanks all!

On 10/9/2018 12:57 AM, David Moore wrote:

Hi all!

To speed up the One Core voices:

Press Windows+I to open the settings app.

Tab once, and go to the Ease of access category!

Then, go to speech and press enter.

Then, tab to more speech settings and press enter.

Then, tab to a slider, and use page up to increase it to its maximum.

Then, just get out of settings with Alt+F4!

David Moore

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Hi all. Where do you go to adjust the speed of one-core voices? Not in

NVDA, you go somewhere else to increase the speed in Windows. I can't

for the life of me remember it, so of course I need to do it. I thought

it was in control panel but I guess not. Thanks in advance, I'm sure

bunches of you know.

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