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Funnily enough I've heard this. Does this mean in the newer versions of word they have changed the keys we used to use?

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Hi Logo,

I was about to say that CONTROL+PAGE UP and CONTROL+PAGE DOWN move to the
start of the previous or next page in Word, therefore to select a whole
page, move to the top of a page and press CONTROL+SHIFT+PAGE DOWN. Then I
tried it and realised that (on Office 365 at least) moving between pages
works, but not selecting them.

So, I have a quick way for you which does use NVDA commands:

1) Move to the start of the page to be deleted.
2) Press NVDA+F9. This is the review cursor command to "start marking"
3) Press CONTROL+PAGE DOWN to move to the start of the next page.
4) Press the LEFT ARROW to go back one character.
5) Press NVDA+F10 once. This selects the whole page.
6) Press DELETE.

The reason you have to use the left arrow to go back one character is that
the review cursor copy function takes the character to the right of the
cursor as well, so without that step you would delete the whole page and
the first character from the next page.

Meanwhile, I'm going to go see why CONTROL+SHIFT+PAGE DOWN doesn't work.



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hi groups:

How can I use NVDA fast delete a page in word?
I use shift plus down arrow selected line by line, it's slow and
sometimes move over a page.
If I really delete the page exam the third page, how can I use NVDA
fast delete a page?


thank you for much
Logo Kuo from Taiwan

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