Re: Using Macrium Reflect Version 7 to Take A Full System Image Backup


It has been brought to my attention that one, and only one, dialog during the installation of Macrium Reflect, Version 7, has accessibility issues unless you use one of the various screen readers' alternate cursor methods.  Two members of the Windows 10 for Screen Reader Users group have been kind enough to put together instructions for dealing with this dialog in each of the three major screen readers:  JAWS, Narrator, and NVDA.

Dealing with the License Key Dialog of Macrium Reflect, Version 7, with a Screen Reader

, from David Bailes:

JAWS users can use either the Jaws cursor, or the touch cursor, which is the Jaws equivalent of object navigation.
Using the touch cursor:
1. Starting with the next button being the focus.
2. Switch to using the touch cursor (shift + numpad plus, using the desktop layout).
3. Press either left arrow twice or shift+tab twice to move to the home radio button.
4. Press spacebar or enter to select the radio button, and move the focus to it.
5. Switch back to the pc cursor (numpad plus twice quickly, using the desktop layout).
6. Tab to the next button and press it.

 and NVDA, by Timothy Wynn:

Both sets of instructions presume you are in the License Key dialog with focus on the Next button

1) Enable Narrator if not already running.
2) Use Narrator+Left-arrow to move to the previous item. Narrator will say "non-selected, Commercial, radio-button".
3) Use Narrator+Left-arrow to move to the previous item once more. Narrator will say "non-selected, Home, radio-button".
4) Use Narrator+Enter to do the primary action. On Windows 10 Version 1709, there is no response heard when performing this action, but use the next item (Narrator+Right-arrow) and previous item (Narrator+Left-arrow) commands to confirm. Narrator will say non-selected, Commercial, radio-button", followed by "selected, Home, radio-button"".

1) Start NVDA if not already running.
2) Use the move to previous object command. NVDA will say "This is My Group button".
3) Use the move to first contained object command. NVDA will say "Home radio button not checked".
4) Use the activate current navigator object command. NVDA will say "Check", followed by "This is My Group button", and finally "Home radio button checked".
5) Tab to and activate the Next button, and you should now be on the Registration screen.


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