Re: Speeding up one-core voices.

Sarah k Alawami

I have the 1 core set to 100 and nvda set to 50. It does not get choppy over here. It works and works well.

Take care

On 8 Oct 2018, at 23:39, John Isige wrote:

I used Brian's way, though I'll have to try ease of access too. I wouldn't put it up to the maximum because for me, that gets choppy and hard to understand. I have the Windows speech slider set to 75% and NVDA set to 80, and that does well enough for me. Thanks all!

On 10/9/2018 12:57 AM, David Moore wrote: > > Hi all! > > To speed up the One Core voices: > > Press Windows+I to open the settings app. > > Tab once, and go to the Ease of access category! > > Then, go to speech and press enter. > > Then, tab to more speech settings and press enter. > > Then, tab to a slider, and use page up to increase it to its maximum. > > Then, just get out of settings with Alt+F4! > > David Moore > > Sent from Mail for > Windows 10 > > *From: *John Isige gwynn@... > *Sent: *Monday, October 8, 2018 11:17 PM > *To: * > *Subject: *[nvda] Speeding up one-core voices. > > Hi all. Where do you go to adjust the speed of one-core voices? Not > in > > NVDA, you go somewhere else to increase the speed in Windows. I can't > > for the life of me remember it, so of course I need to do it. I > thought > > it was in control panel but I guess not. Thanks in advance, I'm sure > > bunches of you know. > >

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