Accessibility improvements to


Over the past month, I've been tracking down mark, the creator of the platform. I'm pleased to say he was more than willing to make the few accessibility changes I've suggested, filling in some empty links with link text, adding names to edit fields so screen readers can read the edit name when tabbing, and adding a few separators when viewing messages on the web so we can jump via separators. My next task is to get him, and others, to add a bit more heading structure throughout the site, but not too much, obviously. I really love the speed of the site and want to keep it that way. Anyway, if you guys have screen reader feedback, constructive feedback, write to the below. I haven't told him about chat and calendar edit fields not being labeled, nor have I suggested that chats read automatically using ARIA yet. I figured you guys can do that. If not, I am gonna continue to write to him, suggesting changes. The email he gave me to give to the general public is below.

I did suggest that he make his upcoming feature, the ability to charge group members for access directly on the platform, fully accessible though. This new feature will allow group owners to charge to access the group.

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