Re: I need a Web Content Management System that works well with NVDA

mikolaj holysz <miki123211@...>

I personally like Hugo. It's a headless cms generating static pages. It means you keep your page in a folder on disk as markdown documents, and run hugo on publish. It generates html file based on those markdown files and a content theme you import. You can publish those content files onto anything that can support static pages. You don't even need to have php support on your web server, if it can serve html, it's good enough. That means you can post it on github pages, a normal webserver via ftp or any free webhosting solution with a few megs of space and no fancy features.

It's very accessible, as all the content and configuration are managed via the file system and the command line. Familiarity with the command line is needed but for someone who already knows how to use that, it's a perfect solution because there's absolutely no GUI, just commands to build everything, markdown for posts and toml/jaml/json for configs.

One downside of that kind of cms is that you can't really have pages dynamically rendered on the server, however, you can embed widgets for other services providing dynamic services. For example, instead of using comments build in to your cms, you can use disqus or your own solution, either with iframes or javascript and ajax.

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