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Yes indeed, on the one |I mentioned it was seemingly seamless so no clues at all.
I'll watch for it but I suspect Windows itself was my problem, and on assumes if all processing is suspended you just see the time clock seemingly jump.
on the various items. The other thing that I have seen is that it has in fact said it said things it never actually played through the speakers.

I'm using 7 though, so a 10 issue is probably totally different again.
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Yep a log file would be very helpful to try to diagnose what is happening

It could simply be that Windows just doesn't seem to be resource managing
so well and if it is trying to do something (like download updates), it
struggles with anything else at the same time.

The log is in your %temp% directory. If you open File Explorer with
WINDOWS+E, then press ALT+D to get to the address bar and type or paste
%temp% in, it should take you to the directory. nvda.log is the current or
most recent log, and nvda-old.log is the one before that (useful if NVDA



On Thu, Oct 11, 2018 at 3:09 AM Felix G. <>

Would be interesting to see an old logfile from when this happens.
Could someone please remind us where they get stored? Digital dementia
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Not really, but today I did notice that some windows updates were coming
on my windows 7 machine, sometimes stopping the system for up to 30
or making it stutter which is not usual unless these updates are in some
being installed as they come in which is not the way I've set them up. I
fed up with that countdown window in the background opening up and not
noticing it till it shut the computer down and lost all my open data.

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Subject: [nvda] NVDA randomly stops speaking

Hello all,

This morning I've had a few instances where NVDA would just stop
speaking. I had to press CTRL+ALT+n to get it working again. At one
time it stopped, I was playing an audio game with Pandora in the
background, and another time I had both Chrome and Spotify open. I've
also downloaded several files overnight. Is anyone else having this
problem while running multiple tasks on the computer?

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