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Software defined Radio
These are in effect not true radios, but how an aerial signal is handled is controlled by software. many TV and radio tuners in domestic kit are now modules like this, and they are increasingly being offered to the public to play around with. Indeed some also have transmit capability built in at of course a very low level which needs amplifying. Also of course it means almost any mode is possible merely using software.

However, People tell me most of the software runs under things like modified Android or Unix like kernels, not Windows, though I'm sure if somebody had the knowledge it could be done, but accessibly is hard to say. Most of the ones described to me try to make the screen graphical like the front of a radio which is seldom very friendly to a screenreader.
Interestingly, Pro systems like the Icom range do have a box made for them for blind use which allows button control rather than the inbuilt touch screen. I have no idea if this is based on any of the commonly available dongles though as I've not dipped my toe in that pond as yet.
However there are SDR web sites around.
I've not tested them, but some seem to be javascript intensive.
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What is s d r?

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Hi all
Does anyone know of any accessible SDR software? I have recently been given an SDR dongle but don’t know what the best piece of software is to work with it.
Any ideas welcome.

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