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I have used and like Recuva.  That being said, depending on exactly what sort of recovery is being done, it may not be the best tool for the task.  I have been wondering since the topic started exactly what it is that the recovery attempt is being made for and on what medium.

For partition recoveries or even mass file recoveries TestDisk may be the better tool, though I cannot speak to its accessibility.

Also, if the file one wishes to recover is on a HDD or SSD that's still being actively used, time is of the essence since the blocks now marked as free are up for grabs for reuse at any moment.  When using any recovery tool it is essential that the disc being recovered from be offline and that what's being recovered be recovered to a different disk, at least if we're talking about trying to get something more than a single file or a couple of files.  If the latter, you still have "the clock is ticking" factor if the disc is in use.

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