Re: win 10 emoji's panel

Tyler Wood


I'm running the latest emoticons addon.

However NVDA doesn't appear to speak all of them so I'm not able to hear what is under the cursor in some instances.


On 2018-10-11 5:26 PM, P. Otter wrote:
hi, i can tell you what to do.
1 press windows key plus point/dot.
2 now you can withe the arrow keys right and left along all emojis
with the tab key you can choose a category such as smiley faces and animals, people like pinococcus plants and food.
now choose an emoji, when found the right one, press enter.
the emoji will be placed where you are.
after that you can exit the emoji menu by pressing escape.
and all is done.
paul otter

Op 11-10-2018 om 23:58 schreef Don H:
Is there any tutorials regarding how to use the emoji's  panel with NVDA?


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