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Quentin Christensen

In the meantime, a quicker way to change synthesizers is NVDA+control+s.  Then either use the navigation keys or letter to jump to the desired syntehsizer and enter.

I was going to suggest making a configuration profile for the emoji window, but it disappears when you open the configuration profile window to create one.

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As I said, this will all change very soon, so stay tuned.

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Man, I take back what I said about having to start narrator to read the pane being annoying. Having to go in to NVDA menu, then preferences,, then settings, then speech, then change synthesizer just to read the emojis and then change it all back again is way way more steps to take.
It's easier just to start Narrator then turn Narrator off afterwords.

But thank you all for the info. The Microsoft voices do read them fine, but sadly, I'm not using that as my main NVDA synth. I'm using Eloquence.


> Re: The windows 10 emoji panel
> From: P. Otter
> Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2018 18:17:33 EDT
> hello, your speech synthesizer is guilty of that.
> the narrator already does not support the emoji!
> nvda does.
> if a good speech synthesizer is used.
> the commercial speech synthesizers do not do it any, very striking.
> the onecore voices and also espeak will say the emoji's correctly!
> very very strange that the commercial speechsynthesizers don't do it
> at all!
> the free synthesizers like the onecore voices from microsoft and
> espeak are exelent!
> cheers
> paul otter

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