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I seem to remember that there were very valid reasons why trying to read just control and shift keys was not a good idea. For a start on their own, except windows ones, they only do stuff if they are combined with another, also I think that if you do intercept them then you get a stutter if you try to use a combination which is often more confusing. One of the biggest issues I get with people is that they seem unaware that the right hand key next to the space bar is in fact alt/control or that the right windows key has specific context sensitive uses, but can be still used if the laptop does not have the key by using shift with a function key. And do not get me started with the issue of laptops having the normal functions only available if you use an fn key as well.
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NVDA+4 toggles speak command keys. That won't announce if you just press
SHIFT and let it go, but it will announce "CONTROL+S" if you press those

You can also access that option from the "Keyboard" settings
(NVDA+CONTROL+K to get there directly, or via the NVDA menu).

In order to practise the keyboard, you can also use NVDA's "Input help"
mode. Press NVDA+1 to turn Input help on. From then, you can press any
key or key combination and NVDA will announce what you have pressed
(including things like shift on its own) and what NVDA function it performs
(if it's an NVDA keystroke). The keys won't do anything however, so if you
press the WINDOWS key, NVDA will report it, but the Windows Start menu will
not open.

Press NVDA+1 to turn input help off again.

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On Fri, Oct 12, 2018 at 10:57 AM Robert Doc Wright godfearer <> wrote:

I am working with a NVDA newby. how does she set NVDA so that the control
and shift keys are spoken. she wants this because her keyboard is not

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