Re: Meet NVDA 2016.2, bringing spelling error beep, grammar error detection and more to your work, home and everything in between #NVAccess #release


hi joseph and every one.
thanks so much for great project.
i downloaded the new version today and i faced some problem using it?
could you please help me to find a solution?
first of all, i set my nvda not say any punctuation, but unfortunately
did not work completely in this new version and nvda announces some
punctuation like ) in all cases and : and ? in some cases.
it happen even when i want to navigate in the local disks of my computer.
after all of them nvda says )
second, the american accent is a little robatic in compare to the
previous version of espeak.
and third, i did not test previous versions.
but how can i return nvda to says selected or unselected and then
announces whats the selection?
this rool changed since version 2015.4 and now i tested, because i
mentioned i did not test the previous versions and for this reason,
the best version for me is version 2015.2 or 2015.3
i appreciate your help and guide.
thanks so much and god bless you.

On 6/3/16, Bhavya shah <> wrote:
Hi Dan,
I too originally considered an oddity and thus a bug. The trick here
is to ensure that 'report spelling errors' in Document Formatting
Settings dialog is checked first, because only then will the spelling
error buzzer playing option will appear in the Keyboard Settings
I am going to submit an issue at some point of time expressing the
confusion being caused by this dependence that the buzzer sound
playing option on the spelling error reporting option. In my opinion,
folks like me would be happy with just a real-time typeo beep rather
than having a verbal announcement all the time too.

On 6/3/16, Dang Manh Cuong <> wrote:
Hi Joseph and all
I updated NVDA 2016.2, and I didn't see the options for detect spelling
error in keyboard preferences. I saw this bug in the RC 1, but forgot to
report. In rc1, this bug din't occur with the portable version.
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Subject: [nvda] Meet NVDA 2016.2, bringing spelling error beep, grammar
error detection and more to your work, home and everything in between
#NVAccess #Release

Hi everyone,

Yes, it is finally here: NVDA 2016.2, introducing spelling error beep,
grammar error detection and more are now available. More info can be
on the nV Access post here:

Enjoy NVDA 2016.2.


Joseph (now one of the members of this list)

Warm Regards
Bhavya Shah
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