Vlad Dragomir

Good afternoon,

Friends, this might seem odd to some and obvious to others, so I feel I should apologise in advance for what follows.

I've just learnt about the existance of tooltips. If I understand well, they are messages displayed when someone points the mouse at certain elements on a web page, without clicking on them. If possible, I would be curious to know the folowing:
1. How can we know if, and where these tooltips are present? Does NVDA anounces them? If so, what does it say?I don't remember hearing such information so far, and I've been using it for quite a while.
2. How can we read those tooltips, given that we rarely use the mouse? At least I never do that, even though I know about mouse simulation; I never have the reflex to actually use that function. I am getting old I suppose.

I thank in advance all those who will enlighten me on this topic.

Warm regards from France,


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