Why does NVDA find not find "cars" on this page?



If I use a straight browser search it finds the word, "cars," in the navigation frame on the left in the "cars & trucks - by owner" link, and it is a link, as well as in the "background text" in the edit box that shows the same phrase in light gray until you start typing in a search term.

Sometimes when I use the NVDA find it finds it, other times, it doesn't.  It seems to depend on my having interacted with the page, but that content does not appear/disappear whether I've interacted with the page or not.

I seem to have this happening more frequently lately with both NVDA and JAWS (yes, I know that this isn't the JAWS group, but wanted to note it).  I have always encouraged my clients to favor the screen reader search function over the straight browser search as it takes into account controls that a straight search does not.  But lately it also seems to be not finding things I can clearly see are present on the screen.  It's a mystery to me why this is.


Brian - Windows 10 Home, 64-Bit, Version 1803, Build 17134  

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