Suggestion regarding replies on this list

Antony Stone


I have a couple of suggestions regarding how to make replies on this list more
useful to the people who asked the questions:

1. If your reply is basically "I don't have a problem doing this", please
explain how you do it - what application you use, how you find the content,
whether you use speech or Braille - anything which might help the person who
asked the question understand how you do manage to do it without the problem
that they are having.

Simply saying "I don't have a problem doing this" doesn't give the person who
asked the question any information about how they might be able to do it too.

2. If you are the person asking the question, please give as much information
as possible about what you are doing when you encounter a problem - either so
that other people can reproduce your problem and possibly suggest what to do
about it, or possibly so that someone who doesn't have the problem can see
"ah, this bit is different from what I do" and tell you how you might go about
it differently.

And finally, if you find a solution to your problem (either on this list or from
elsewhere), please post a follow-up message saying what you had to do
differently in order to make something work better, so that others can learn
from it, and maybe find your answer in the list archives later and avoid having
to ask the same question again.

Just saying "it's okay, everything is working now" without saying what you did
or what has changed can be quite frustrating for someone else with the same
proble, who now knows that you have a solution but doesn't know what it is.



If the human brain were so simple that we could understand it,
we'd be so simple that we couldn't.

Please reply to the list;
please *don't* CC me.

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