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David Griffith

The phrase Virtualised window is often used to describe the process where text is collected from a Screen GUII and presented in a virtual window buffer which a screenreader can use.


In relation to the original question NVDA in the first case will most often read a window / dialogue box with the same keypress as Jaws – that is NVDA plus B.

Unfortunately NVDA does not have all the same cursor abilities as Jaws but if NVDA plus B does not deliver the required results then some options are still available.

First of all you can try object navigation.  Basically you can experiment with pressing numbers of the keypad if you have desktop layout to see if you get any useful results. You can refer to the User Guide for more detailed and explicit instructions.

Finally you can use the inbuilt Windows 10 OCR facility with NVDA simply by pressing NVDA plus R.

This is often as good as if not better than Jaws Virtual Convenient OCR in relation to reading window contents.

If using earlier  versions of windows you will need to download an Virtual OCR  addon but I must admit when I used to use this it did not deliver many useful results in my experience.

David Griffith.

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From: Antony Stone
Sent: 12 October 2018 17:19
Subject: Re: [nvda] Hi


Please explain what you mean by "virtualize a window".


That phrase doesn't mean anything to me (and therefore, maybe not to others

here either).




On Friday 12 October 2018 at 17:48:43, Michael Munn wrote:


> Hi all, This is Michael. i have a question about a feature in NVDA.

> How can one virtualize a window using NVDA? I'm asking that because

> yesterday I was doing something with NVDa and some error message pop up

> and I couldn't read it because I don't know how to virtualize the message.

> I would be able to read it if I use Jaws. I'm not saying bad thing about

> the nvda Screen reader. Please help if you all can.

> Best Regards Michael Munn



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