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Antony Stone

Agreed - if the person with the problem has explained clearly enough how to
cause it, and the responder knows they're doing the same thing, it can be
helpful to point out that something else about the machine or the software
configuration must be the culprit, and the user is actually doing the right


On Friday 12 October 2018 at 18:37:41, Brian Vogel wrote:

Amen, Antony!!

Not just here, but on any venue where computers and software are being

I will, however, say that I do believe that sometimes, "I'm not having that
problem," replies are entirely appropriate when the problem is not being
experienced when taking exactly the same steps as someone has documented.
There are many times when something idiosyncratic about an individual's
computer or software installation is giving them an issue when they're
doing everything as they should but things aren't behaving as they
should. Knowing that others cannot reproduce when doing the same thing
is a valuable piece of diagnostic information.


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