Re: Screen reader accessibility with Kindle


Well you could always buy an olimpus dm5 or 4 or the latest dm series most of them have voice and will support daisy among other things.

The cost is as much as an orbit.

As for your average plextalk thats round 700 bucks it is not much more than an orbit.

For software there is amis on the computer, dolphin easy reader on the pc, but I'd try to get v6, I hate the v7 interface thats 80 bucks.

Dolphin seem to have their easy reader app free on smartphones so you could use that I guess.

there is this voice dream reader thingy aparently never used that.

To be honest, while I do read books my plextalk from the library does most things, where I need to really read something I either read it on a computer or something.

Where a daisy book is split into actual tracks I have actually just played the tracks on a standard audio cd player or a media player of choice rather than my registered daisy player.

Its only a problem if the tracks are split weirdly.

On 10/13/2018 2:06 AM, Sociohack AC wrote:
Hello guys!
Since, ebook readers especially customized for blind people, like Victor ebook reader, are very expensive, I'm thinking of buying a Kindle. I have heard that it has a screen reader called voiceview. How good is it? And how long does the battery last while using screen readers for reading books? Also, the latest version of Kindle Paper White doesn't come with an audio jack, so I'm also open to purchasing an older model.
All suggestions are welcome.


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