Re: Screen reader accessibility with Kindle

Annette Moore

I use a program called Codex to convert the books and then QRead to read them if I want to read them on the computer. I do the same thing if I want to read them on the phone, except then I upload them to Dropbox and use Voice Dream Reader. I do have Kindle for PC on here though, and that does work well if I want to use it. I have a voice preference though, so I do take those extra steps and use Ivona Kendra with QRead or Voice Dream.


On 10/12/2018 10:30 AM, Clarissa Mitchell wrote:
I've used the Kindle for PC app, and the latest version has the
accessibility function built directly in. You used to have to install
a separate plugin for it to work; now it's just there. The app is free
too. I think you do need to have NVDA on at the same time, in order to
navigate the menu that is accessed by pressing the alt key. Regarding
books that don't have this enabled, I'm pretty sure you can find out,
when you go to the book's page on Amazon. It will say whether speech
is enabled or not on the Kindle version of the book. hth

On 10/12/18, Dave <> wrote:
Why not just download the Kendal for PC program?

I've been using it for about a year, and have bought close to 15 Books
so far and counting.

Almost all Books will let you read their Text with JAWS or NVDA. But I
have purchased Two Books that do not allow the use of a Screen Reader,
but the Kendal program attempts to speak the text. It isn't a good
clear voice, and so far I've not figured a way to re-read a line, or go
back a line or two.

Not sure how to know if a Book will read with the Screen Reader or not.

but, having the Kendal program on your Computer works for me.

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