Re: No voice, Power Point Slide Show view on Laptop with HDMI connected, NVDA restart fixes problem



This may have to do with audio output redirection: when an HDMI cable is connected, sound is sent through the cable, so NVDA may not recognize that you’ve still got your internal sound card active. You can ask NVDA to speak through a chosen sound card via Synthesizer/output device combo box (Control+NVDA+S).




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Sent: Friday, October 12, 2018 12:32 PM
Subject: [nvda] No voice, Power Point Slide Show view on Laptop with HDMI connected, NVDA restart fixes problem


I have 2 high-end Lenovo laptops with nVidia graphics cards. Both are running Windows 10 Professional and Office 365 desktop apps. One computer is brand new while the other is 3 years old. These are work computers, so Windows and Office are updated within the last few months and not necessarily running the absolute latest updates. I am running the latest released version of NVDA and have no addin present. I have Microsoft Speech API Version 5 as my voice.


If connected to projectors using the HDMI port, putting a Power Point presentation into slide show mode (by pressing the F5 key) I lose all speech output on that particular window. It doesn’t matter if I am using the internal speakers or am connected to a wired or wireless headset. Alt tabbing to other windows and NVDA speaks just fine, but not on the slide show window. Moving from slide to slide produces no speech. If the HDMI connection is not present, NVDA speaks just fine in slide show mode.


If I now restart NVDA with Power Point still displaying the slide show and the HDMI connection still present, everything works as expected. NVDA reads the slides as I navigate from slide to slide, using the internal speakers or connected headset.


I tried restarting NVDA after booting the computer to see if it was a problem with the autostart of NVDA completing prior to other parts of the system completing initialization, but it still failed to speak in slide show window until restarting NVDA after launching Power Point.




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