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It will be interesting to see what others say.  I don't think that it is a good idea to provide add-ons that provide a way to do something that lowers the chance that the most versatile and useful way will be learned.  That was also the problem with the Window-eyes JAWS imitation interface.  It may have gotten some JAWS users to use Window-eyes, but the imitation JAWS interface had less functionality than the real Window-eyes interface. 

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I was the mentor of this addon initially developed by Rui Batista and
currently maintained by Joseph Lee...

I do not agree that it will force the users to do not learn NVDA review
tools, but it will be usefull untill they learn...
And it is also usefull to users coming from Jaws...


Às 19:19 de 12/10/2018, Gene escreveu:
> However, does using this add--on discourage learning how to use
> screen-review commands in NVDA?  and does this lack of learning mean
> that, when it is advisable to use the activate command available on the
> numpad or to use the route and click virtual mouse commands NVDA
> provides, the user won't know how to do these things?  This may be an
> add-on that duplicates functions already available in NVDA where the
> user would be much better off learning the NVDA way to do things if the
> user if at all demanding and who wishshes to go beyond rather elementary
> learning.  Also, some NVDA review commands are essential for working
> with Windows 10 apps. It sounds like a bad idea to have such an add-on
> that discourages learning of the screen-reader itself.
> Gene
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> Hi
> Download and install the Virtual review addon then you can use
> NVDA+Control+w to virtualise a window then browse it using arrow keys.
> Cheers
> Chris
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> Hi all, This is Michael. i have a question about a feature in NVDA.
> How can one virtualize a window using NVDA? I'm asking that because
> yesterday I was doing something with NVDa and some error message pop up and
> I couldn't read it because I don't know how to virtualize the message.
> I would be able to read it if I use Jaws. I'm not saying bad thing about the
> nvda Screen reader.
> Please help if you all can.
> Best Regards Michael Munn

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