About the "Windows 10 App Essentials" add-on


Hello Joseph and all,

To Joseph. I have 2 questions about the "Windows 10 App Essentials" add-on for NVDA:

1. The fix that you provide in the add-on for NVDA to properly read the values in the time pickers in places such as the Alarms and Clock" app works if Windows is in english, but does not work if Windows is in another language such as bulgarian. Do you know why is it so? Can you make this fix not to be language-dependent?

2. In the official Twitter app for Windows 10, JAWS manages to read the content of the twittes, although be it with some strange pauses between each word in them. But NVDA and Narrator don't Can you make NVDA read the twittes content? I can even now read the twitt content with NVDA, but I have to use object navigation to do it.

Thanks much in advance!

Best wishes,
Kostadin Kolev

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