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hi all.
the windows am using is windows 8.1 NVDA 2018 remote addon 2.2
when I go to the remote options and click on conict or options it keep
going back to the desktop.
it just not letting me get into the options or to connict at all.
hope I said it so that you could see what is going on.

On 10/12/18, Robert Doc Wright godfearer <> wrote:
be sure you are running v2.2
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hi all.
how come I cant use the options or conict to anything using the remote

On 10/12/18, Jackie <> wrote:
Hey, Joe, you're more than welcome, believe me! If all the problems I
had to solve were that simple, I'd be walkin' in clover lol.

There was just a lot of discussion on this list awhile back that the
old NVDA Remote was incompatible w/the latest version of NVDA, & that
the authors had just recently updated it to make it so. I was blessed
to have remembered all that, I guess, & it didn't hurt either that it
affected me as well.

Have a great weekend.

On 10/12/18, Joe Paton <> wrote:
Hello Jackie,
That, indeed was the problem. I had version 1.2, version 2.2, fixed

Thank you so much.

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